Ready Player One: More Comments on Comments

If you’re not reading John Scalzi’s blog then you’re mostly dead to me. If there has been any one person that has helped me wrap my brain around my morphing political and social opinions it has been Scalzi and his links to other writers who have also inspired and educated me. I’ve mostly bowed out of political discussions because of the frustrating and ridiculous rhetoric on both sides, but I still read Scalzi’s political posts with interest and always come away with new infornation and insight into the world and to myself.

Today he has another great post about how being a Straight White Male would be the easiest player setting if life were an RPG game. I tend to agree with him and made some comments to that effect that I thought you all here might enjoy:

 I find it humerous that some SWM here question what we should do with our privaleged setting. There are many quotes such as “To whom much is given, much is expected” and “With great power comes great responsibility” to answer that question, but one reason I think this post is so spot on Right Now is because we are all living in a world entirely at the whims of Straight White Males. There are things that can be accomplished by one straight white male that entire societies of minorities can’t change. Civil Rights, Women’s Rights, The Bill of Rights, all of it was protested by throngs of people, but it wasn’t until a few Straight White Men did something about it that things changed. That should make me proud as a SWM, but it doesn’t because rights granted by Straight White Males can easily be voided, forgotten, or ignored with frightening ease by other SWMs.

And anyone who doesn’t believe SWM privilege exists needs to work as a male administrative assistant as I have for a decade. Many SWM admins either complain that they are mistaken as gay or that other men don’t respect them or they go to the opposite end and try to portray themselves as boundry-pushing pioneers in a female driven field. In actuality though I’ve seen women and minority men work very hard to get opportunities that I can get just by showing up to work one day in a tie. When female admins dress up for work they are criticized for using their looks to get ahead. When minority males dress up for work people think they have job interviews or something going on after work. When I dress up for work I’m congratulated on my initiative and people outside of the organization think I’m in management.

This also plays nicely into the topic I had originally planned to write about today which is a return of my reading recently to books with science fiction or fantasy elements. Right now I’m reading Vegas Knights, a magical heist novel from Matt Forbeck and next up is Ready Player One by Ernest Cline which imagines the word as, wait for it, a large RPG game. I’ll chat more tomorrow about the other books in this vein I’ve read or will read, but go have a gander at John’s post and make an intelligent comment.