Random Thoughts From A Returned Vacation

Brain still sort of on vacation, not readily available for complete thoughts. Enjoy these snippits:

I’m sad about being back from vacation, but not for the reasons I used to be. The weather was nice here in Michigan, I have a job I like and was happy to return to, and I can get fruity beverages and stale pretzels anytime I want. But what I enjoyed most about vacation was spending time with Becky and the kids. It’s so luxurious being able to wake up with them, spend all day with them, and then put them down at night. Now I’m back to seeing them for a few hours at night during the week and then on weekends. Luckily warm weather is around the corner so we’ll be able to get out of the house more as a family.

In theory, Universal Studios should be my favorite park by leaps and bounds. It’s cheaper, the food is better, the rides are better, the designs are better, and their dowtown area is better. But there is something about The Magic Kingdom that just makes me all weepy and sappy. As the paradae was rolling by the last night we were there it was piping that good old fashioned Disney World feel good music through the speakers and I wanted to cry and grab my kids and run for a rainbow.

I’m immediately figuring out how we can go back again next year.

I was suprised how many rides Spenser and even Holly were able to ride at Disney. All of us went on the Pirates of the Caribean (you’ve got to feel good as the writer of that movie that you created a character so cool in Jack Sparrow that they had to go back and add him to the ride), It’s A Small World, and The Buzz Light Year ride. Spenser went on the Flying Dumbos once with me and once with Becky.

The highlight of the trip was our morning character breakfast the first morning we were there. Even though it was expensive and Spenser cried anytime the characters got too close, it was very well done and I enjoyed it enough for all of us.

This was my third time at the park but my first time going to Animal Kingdon. I liked it but don’t see myself going back. The Everest ride was very cool and the waiting areas were very well done and made me think I was actually in the mountain regions of Asia.

Now I think I’d like to go to Disneyland as well.

I wish there was a Super Mario World theme park.

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter was under construction at Universal and from just the few buildings I was able to see it looks like an amazing recreation of the world.

My inner-Clark Griswold was on full display as the daddy of the trip. I was a pair of socks in sandles and a fanny pack away from being every tourist father cliche rolled into one.