Random, Aisle One

Hot sweaty night, in a dark front room with fans blowing a warm breeze through the house. A baby is in the living room crying, a toddler is in his room sleeping. A fat weiner dog sits at a typing writer’s feet. The sounds of an endless loop of COMMUNITY on DVR add some color.

I should be working on my novella but I wanted to water the blog. I was looking back through my early posts from my first year when I had a lot of time and energy on my hands. Good stuff, but I like the now me more. I think everything is in my brain to bring the novella to a good end, just gotta make sure I get it all in the right order.

I’ve read a few great books lately that I should talk about more in depth later, but for now:

Victor Gischler’s THE DEPUTY is a hundred kinds of awesome. Its old school Gischler but with some nice depth in the scene’s with the MC and his baby son. Gischler and Tyrus books are doing good work.

Sophie Littlefield’s A BAD DAY FOR SORRY is also quite swell. Great, filly nuanced characters in the kind of funny in a sick way violence I love so much. I wish there were more good revenge novels.

Now I’m going to go have some key lime pie and pretend I’m in a Tennessee Williams play…