Raitt is enough

I’m happy to report that I am not a soul-less emotional black hole…at least not when it comes to musical theater.

Famed Broadway star John Raitt died this week and I swear I was channeling his spirit today. Some of you may remember that my initial performance of the song “Once Upon a Time” left much to be desired in the emotion and technique categories. Well today I had my encore performance and, with the cute brunette seated in the front row watching my every move, I rocked it out. My instincts were right on spot and the music moved through me. My hands moved with the music, and my vocal formations were on the spot, and I really felt comfortable. I wasn’t nervous so I wasn’t concentrating on the actual notes which means I didn’t get tangled in them. The accompianist is brilliant and could totally follow me and play along slower or faster depending on where I was going going and he fabulously covered a couple missed notes for me. The prof was pleased, I was pleased, and the cute brunette gave me a wink at the emotional high point of the song.

Did I tell you she has/had a boyfriend? Apparently they are on a break (Friends anyone?) but he surprised her on Valentines Day. I haven’t found out yet whether she has gone back to him or not. I also suspect she thinks Im gay. I’m one of three guys in a musical theater class who occassionally wears a pink shirt and suddenly I might be gay. Not that there’s anything wrong with that…I’ll get my new song Thursday and work on it over Spring Break the next week. We’ll also get put into groups to work on a major research project. Of course I’m hoping the cute brunette is in my group. I sit right behind her and the three seats next to me are usually empty so there’s a chance.

On an unrelated note, I have cracked into Lunchbox Hero yet to fix the ending but I’m guessing that will be my major Spring Break project. I also want to write a short story for Dave Zeltserman’s heist edition of Hardluck Stories. That particular itch grew rabid with the announcement that HLS was one of five or six online crime mags that made the notable list for storySouth’s Million Writer’s Award. Among the individual nominees are my buddies Sarah Weinman, Duane Swieczysnki, and Dave White. Congrats guys…and Dave.