Rabbits Writing Novels

It’s the first day of a new month which means a bunch of random rabbit posts on Facebook and time for me to put up a new post here.

Today is a special day because I’m starting a new novel. I haven’t started a brand new novel in a while, I started a cozy novel about 8 months that I didn’t get very far into (and now that someone has sold a novel with my main hook I’m less inclined to go any further with that one) and before that it had been about five years since I started anything new.

The best part of this book is that it’s the first book I’ve ever written under contract. That’s cool in many ways, but brings up a whole new set of challenges that have been discussed to death by other authors. For me, the biggest challenge will just be finishing in a timely manner. I’m a fast writer but I’m prone to doddling like nobody’s business. I’ve installed Freedom on my Macbook to help combat that, but it’s still something I expect to struggle with. But I have more novels I want to write and I can’t be taking five years to write every one of them. So let’s see how this works out for me.

This will be the year I write at least one novel from start to finish in less than a year, and hopefully it will be the year I write multiple novels from beginning to end. I also have another novel that needs a good rewrite and polish that I’m hoping my new publisher will be interested in as well. But that’s all in due time. Now we have one novel, one deadline, and it’s off we go.