R-E-J-E-C-T-D, sock it to me, sock it to me

Okay, maybe I can’t spell but that wasn’t the reason my story was rejected by the Mississippi Review. Guest Editor Anthony Neil Smith said “there was some nice writing throughout” but in the end rejected it because it was a cop story. That kind of makes sense, these aren’t even crooked cops so they probably don’t belong in the pulp edition of a magazine. I’m not too heart broken and I’m really happy to at least know one way or the other so I don’t have to check my email 100 times a day. And Neil did say “I’m sure you’ll have luck with it else where.”

So today I’m taking out all of the “fucks” and sending it off to Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine. That’s right, I’m sending it to a bigger magazine than the one that rejected me, but I think it’s a good story and stands a chance of being accepted. I’d feel stupid if I didn’t, I’d always wonder if it cuda been a contender.