Publishers Weekly Review of Riot Load


The first review of Riot Load is in and it’s a good one from Publishers Weekly. In fact, this is my first trade review ever and I find that very cool. The full review is here but here are the juicy bits:

An over-the-top premise drives Quertermous’s offbeat second novel featuring medical administrative assistant Dominick Prince (after 2015’s Murder Boy).

Originally I was miffed they referred to him as a medical administrative assistant, like that was the hook of the series, but I got over it and it’s not untrue. Here is the money line that I’ve pulled out for all my marketing stuff:

Fans of gonzo noir will find a lot to like.

I love that. I also love that it doesn’t have any qualifiers. A lot of the other reviews from PW are worded something like “the author resorts to cliche too many times but overall the story is strong and the characters are excellent” but there was nothing like that in this review. I’ll take that as a good sign. For my first trade review I really couldn’t ask for better.