Proof My Inside Taste Isn’t As Tacky As My Outside Taste

Christmas Decorations 2012

I spent the day after Thanksgiving decorating the house. We have brown wooden trim around the brick and when I put up my giant multi-colored Christmas lights it looks like the inside of a Hooters and I like it that way. But inside is more subdued and classic.

We raided my parents house this weekend since they’re moving into an apartment and I grabbed a few things to make this room warmer. It’s the only part of our house that’s on a slab instead of over the basement and it also has a sliding glass door and a fireplace that are heat sucks. So we took my parents electric heater and that area rug to help make it warmer and so far it seems to be working. We’ll see how it holds up over the course of what I hope is a snowy, cold Michigan winter.