Prepping The Place For a Promo Volcano

Things are going to start ramping up here pretty quickly on the promotion front for MURDER BOY. I plan to write something here every day for all of March and all of April as well as a good chunk of February if I can. And this really does make a difference. The more I post here the more traffic I get and the more traffic I get the more people are clicking on the pre-order button over there which is what this is all about for right now. Now the posts aren’t going to be all book related (not until April at least) so don’t freak out.

I’ve also been updating the site here with some shiny new features. We now have a media kit with author photos (courtesy of my fab cousin Sandi Sutton), a cover image, and a press release and I also added an excerpt that includes the entire first chapter of MURDER BOY. Go check it out and then pre-order the book at your favorite retailer. There’s also a button to click to add MURDER BOY to your shelf on Goodreads. All of this really does help.