Pre-Gaming My Event Last Night

I got into Arizona a day early so I could go to the Poisoned Pen and see Dennis Lehane. It went well, he’s a great speaker (They recorded the event and you can see it here)and I got a signed book without embarrassing myself. I was carrying a copy of Murder Boy around looking for the right opportunity to give it to him, but that chance never presented itself and I kind of regret not doing it, but also I’m happy not to have embarrassed myself. That photo above is the first thing I saw when I entered the store. It’s on a wall of authors who are doing events at the store and it was the first time I’ve seen my books on the shelf in a book store.

Another great highlight of the evening was getting to hang out a bit with the PP crew. I had a fun time discussing book covers with them and we had a fun run through the shelves comparing our favorites. I also had a chance to chat with Barbara Peters who won’t be on hand tonight for my event so I was happy to have a chance to talk to her as well.

I’m staying with my cousin out in Queen Creek and that’s been fun too. It’s less lonely than a hotel and I can make sure they show up for my event. I’ve spent a lot of today driving around from place to place to work because the weather is so beautiful and I love driving around with the windows down.

Tonight is going to be insane though and I’m trying to keep my nerves and energy level under control. Luckily I have lots of writing and editing to keep me occupied, but I wanted to check in here and give a bit more depth than what can go into a FB post.