Pre-Bouchercon Announcement That I’ll Be At Bouchercon

Tomorrow morning at 7am I will be heading by air to Albany for Bouchercon. Before that time comes though, I still have a good chunk of editing work, some catalog copy to write for the Frankfurt Book Fair, a whole bunch of laundry to do, and packing. Becky’s been home today doing an online webinar for her fitness training which has been kind of cool. It’s probably best to expect incredibly light posting here until I return on Monday and spew forth about what a great time I had.

This will be the first conference I’ll be attending as an editor as well as a writer. I’ll be doing my regular business of drinking and making friends and catching up with those I already know, but I will also be making a strong effort toward making my services as an editor known. Of course I’ll be trying to rustle up some freelance editing clients, but I’ll also be acting as one of two ambassadors for Carina Press at this conference (the other is author Holly West). While Carine has a huge presence at the major romance conventions, and even some of the science fiction and fantasy conventions, they aren’t as well known in the mystery community and I’d like to change that. So if you’re an author with a mystery novel you’re looking to sell, find me and tell me about it.