Power Balls

I’m writing this after a long morning of snow blowing a hundred feet or so of snow from my driveway. Have I mentioned how much I hate being a home owning adult? The only way it would be very cool is if I had a bunch of money.

Which brings me to today’s topic. A few weeks ago I started buying a lotto ticket for the Mega Millions lottery. I started because the jackpot was almost $200 million dollars and that’s a good deal of money. I didn’t win. The reason I bought the second one is because I loved the sense of dreaming having that ticket gave me. It was fun thinking about how I would spend the money and I figured that was worth the $1. I come from a family background that discourages gambling, but I’ve spent more than a dollar on things that haven’t given me nearly as much enjoyment as the few days of dreaming that one lottery ticket did.

What I ended up deciding is that my life as far as my possessions go would change very little. I’d spend some money to fix up the stuff in my current house that need fixing, but I wouldn’t buy a new house. I’d pay off both my cars, but I wouldn’t buy new ones. I’d probably buy a big new TV and BluRay player, but nothing too out there. And then I’d give a bunch of it away. And travel a lot. The biggest thing that would change for me is that I would quit my job and write full-time. I don’t get these people who win a ton of money and then keep their jobs.

There’s more I’d like to write about this, but I need to go out and finish the driveway and then maybe get back to work on the revisions for my book which are going much better than I expected they would.

So how about you all talk about what you would do if you won the lottery.