Politics and Marriage

I’ve pretty much abandoned talking about politics, even minimally and even with people I agree with, for the time being. Not just online, but in-person as well. It’s pointless, it’s exhausting, and really it’s just horrible. With one exception: I still talk politics with Becky. Not just candidates, but policies and supreme court cases and laws and all sorts of weird intricate scenarios we amuse ourselves with.

The other night after Hillary’s acceptance speech I was exhausted and needed to go to bed, but instead I stayed up until well past midnight talking with Becky about politics. It was awesome. This is even more amazing considering we will likely be voting for different candidates come November. We’re the same in our core beliefs both politically and religiously, but differ on the implementation of some ideas and who the best person is for that.

These sort pf discussions are why I knew almost immediately I was going to marry Becky and why, in general, I think it’s better to wait until later in life to get married. By the time I met Becky I knew what I did and didn’t want and we got right to it. Our first date lasted until 2am and it was all talk of the sorts of things one is never advised to talk about on a first date: religion and politics.

So as we approach ten years of being together, I’m still so happy to be with someone I love and respect enough to talk about this stuff with and if the picture doesn’t make it clear enough I think she should be elected Queen of Everything.