*Pokes Blog to See If It’s Still Alive*

Have I blogged at all this year yet? I don’t think so. Let me check.

Nope. Wow. You know what I have been doing though? Writing. ALOT. And that’s much better for all involved than my rambling on here. Starting at the end of December I became disgusted with my laziness from the previous years and, inspired mostly by the pulp writer spirit I pulled from Lawrence Block’s installment memoir AFTERTHOUGHTS, set to write 1000 words every day. And I did for about a month and a half. It fell apart a bit for reasons I won’t get into here but I basically wrote the middle chunk of my current book in a month and a half and I like what I have. Now I’m to the point where I have about 10k more to write and it’s the hardest part for me, the ending where it all comes together. But I’ll get through it.

So what else? I started a new job. I really like this one and it gets me out of the hospital which I was never a big fan of as a working environment. I don’t anticipate discussing the job much here but I’ll probably write about it a bit more since I don’t have the  angry HIPPA gods looking over me.

I’m looking forward to baseball season quite a bit. This was a very enjoyable football season and I anticipate much joy going into baseball season as well. We’ll probably make it out as a family to a few games and I hope Becky and I can get out to st least one game by ourselves for some adult enjoyment.

Speaking of blogs, I was in a bit of a reminiscing mood lately and I’ve been browsing my archives here and at the old blogspot wondering about the choices I’ve made. I always tell everyone I’m happy not working as any sort of corporate writer because I have my full creative energies to devote to my fiction and I really do still believe that but sometimes I have to convince various parts of my self of that. As I get older and those around me are promoted and settle into full careers and I’m still kind of getting started in mine in what is still, basically, an administrative/clerical career, this is when I wonder about what might have been if I pursued journalism further or technical writing or PR or any such nonsense. But when it comes down to it, those are just lazy fall backs for me to define myself as a writer without doing the hard work of sticking to my plan to be a novelist. This is the best path for me, one where I can have a job that’s steady, pays the bills, keeps me engaged enough not to jump in front of a bus, but not so engaged that I give up the fiction.

Anything else? Eh, kids. They run the gamut from making me smile in my innermost soul to making me wonder if it’s too late to drop them off on a church porch somewhere. Moreso Spenser than Holly. He set himself up early on as a high risk – high reward kind of kid so he requires every last bit of energy both of us can muster. And Holly, while sweet most of the time, is still two and enjoying the screaming that comes with that age. I hate what they’ve done to my house and can’t wait for the day when they’re old enough for me to repaint the entire house covering all of the crayon and marker and grease and chips in the wall and rip up the carpet in their room and the family room and just start over again.

We haven’t had much of a winter here so the impending approach of Spring isn’t as much a relief. In fact, I’m dreading it as that just puts me closer to summer when my yard begins it’s annual domination of my efforts. I have some painting, some chainsawing, and some digging to do to help keep it all in check, but I doubt I’ll ever get ahead of it.

These blog posts are helping me cultivate a more melancholy voice that I’m going to use in my next book so don’t worry if every post isn’t cramming roses and rainbows up your can like maybe I used to.

Books I’ve read recently and enjoyed: The first book of the Bayou Trilogy by Daniel Woodrell. It shows obvious signs of being a flowery writer’s first book and it took me a bit to get into it, but I’m glad I read it. Right now I’m reading Raylan by Elmore Leonard and it’s much better than his last two. On deck I have Stephen Blackmoore’s first book City of the Lost. The book I really want to read right now is Wild Thing by Josh Bazell, but my library hasn’t processed it’s copy yet so I have to wait.