Plugging The Hole In My Soul With A Hyper-Commercialized Mouse

Thanks to everyone who reached out after my last post, even the smart asses. I really do appreciate it. This is something I know I’m prone to but I find if I talk and write about it I stand less of a chance of wallowing in it and spiraling into the worst of it. I put myself on a schedule instead of just sleeping in late and wasting the day away, which has helped, as well as showering and shaving regularly. It’s amazing how the small bits of normalcy can contribute to a health state of mind. I also went full-on organizational nerd and did up some calendars and spreadsheets and filing systems to help me keep track of stuff and feel more in control.

I also booked a trip to Disney World with part of my severance check. That made me feel REALLY good. This will be our first time staying on Disney property and I’m so excited. I’ve already booked all of our dinner reservations and started booking FastPass activities. Staying on site with a dining plan makes it seem almost like an all-inclusive vacation. A Disney bus will be there to meet us at the airport and take us and our bags and will bring us back. No worries. And I think the kids are at a perfect age to enjoy all of it as well.