Plots with Nuns

I was never able to publish anything in Plots with Guns. To make up for that, I’ve decided to launch a less-than-subtle homage to them with my new zine DEMOLITION. Because the guys are so great, they agreed to play along and so the first issue is a bounty of top-notch PWG veteran talent. I’ve got new fiction from Anthony Neil Smith, Victor Gischler, Pat Lambe, and Mike Maclean.

I’m floored at how awesome these guys were. I’m also amazed at how easy this thing is to promote. I have it much, much better than Neil and Co. did when they started PWG. Before the magazine even went live, when it was nothing more than a rumor I started getting submissions. Now that it is live, it’s already being talked about on blogs. This is due in not small part to the incredible talent who donated their skills to the cause. I’m already starting to put together the second issue which I’m thinking will go live around April or May.

Future theme issues I’d like to develop are an all Detroit Issue and an all female issue. I’d also like to do an anonymous issue somewhere down the line. So thanks to everybody who helped me get this project off the ground and special thanks to Neil Smith for laying the foundation for these types of journals. Viva la Plots!