Please Comment on my Comments

I’ve been spouting off at other people’s blogs a lot lately and it seems unfair that you should be deprived of those comments so here you go.

The first is from a discussion today over at Chuck Wendig’s place where he’s talking about Ebook pricing. I don’t see how that could get contentious AT ALL:

I don’t think ebooks need to be cheaper than the print books, I think print books need to be cheaper and ebooks seem to be the only thing that might make that happen. Looking back ten years or so I guarantee that if the price of print books hadn’t gotten so out of hand (I’m looking at you $30 hardcovers and $9.99 weird shaped pbs) we wouldn’t be having any of these conversations about ebooks because they would still be relegated to fringe status.


There was no clamoring for ebooks. Ebooks did not meet a product need or a quality need or a technology need. Ebooks met a pricing need. It wasn’t until Amazon gave readers a way to get brand new books for $10 that ebooks took off.
I think $9.99 is fair for a brand new book from a major publishing house. I think $15 is fair for a new hardcover (which, incidentally is what most people pay if they get it without the absurd mark-up) and I think $10 is about fair for a trade paperback. They may bitch about it now, but smart Big Publishers WILL find a way to survive on $9.99 ebooks because if they don’t, savvy independent publishers like Tyrus and Angry Robot will big up the next generation of talent and make all of the money.

And the next is from Neil Smith’s site where he talks about how to prioritize what books to work on next now that he’s rolling in the sticky ebook butter of success.

I’m glad to hear you’re selling a shit load of books, and I’m REALLY glad you’re doing it at $2.99 a pop. I’m also glad you’re not wasting your time with another Olivia novel yet.

As the target fan for this type of book, I’d like to comment on this without sounding like a dick. I love the characters, but the story just falls into to some weird dead zone that never really hits on the Nero Wolf front yet doesn’t really scratch the nasty itch that I expected it to on the pulp front.

That kind of book and that kind of plotting has a pretty steep learning curve and you’d probably have to write several more books to get the mix right and that sounds like it’s not in your best interest right now. The characters seem ripe for novellas maybe though.

Billy on the other hand, he nails everything that’s good about your writing and has, so far at least, been in perfect stories for him. I know you can’t go on indefinitely with him but he might have more life in him than you expect.

Once you’ve burned him out on one end, I’d love to see you got the prologue route and such. I mean look how much mileage Scott has gotten out of Wayne Ogden.

I’d also love to see you do more stuff like The Drummer.