Playscapes, Play Dates, And Parenting Illusions


Since I gave up the full-time freelance life I essentially have one full-time day job and two part-time jobs with my freelance editing business and my novel work. That’s a lot of work, but the money allows us a lifestyle that wouldn’t otherwise be possible on just one income and it’s fun and feeds my creativity in  way that’s different from  my day job and I’m grateful for that.

But one of the things I miss most about working from home is the amount of time I was able to spend with the kids. This is made worse by the fact that a few times a week to get my work done I need to leave the house and go to a coffee shop or McDonald’s to focus and that’s more time away from the family which is no fun (actually the worst part is that I don’t always feel bad about it and kind of enjoy the solitude but the bigger picture does make me feel bad).

To compensate for some of that I like to take the kids to McDonald’s with me where they can play and I can work but I’m right there with them and feel more engaged with them. Today was one of those days. I have off for the July 4th holiday and it worked out very well. I got a lot of work done and still had fun with the kids and it was great. I anticipate a lot more fun times with the kids and Becky this weekend even though I still have A LOT of writing and editing to work on as well.