Playing Doctor

Some of you may have noticed I feel off the face of the Earth for a bit. Some of you couldn’t care less. Some of you are bastards.

I’ve been sick the last week with nasty chest congestion and a wicked sore throat. After two visits to the campus doctor’s office where two different “nurse practitioners” (motto: we’re just like doctors only without the intelligence) examined me and put me on antibiotics. When the sore throat got worse I decided a visit to my family doctor in Flint was in order. Dr. Linda Norrell is a medical genius. Our familiy has been going to her since I was a wee lad and we’ve thrown an endless amount of weird plagues and ailments her way and she’s batted every one of them out of here. True to form, after looking down my throat for a mere fraction of a second she proclaimed I had a case of Coxsakie Virus, which she took great delight in pointing out, mostly occurs in little kids. My sister, the PRESCHOOL TEACHER has never gotten it, but I had it. Coxsakie is basically large open sores on the back of my throat kind of like cancer sores. Sometimes the aflcited also gets blisters on the hands and feet but I just had the throat sores and will have them for another seven days apparently. The brilliant doctor’s prescription? Slurpees and lots of Motrin.

The sores are a pain but the worst part of this is that it saps every last bit of energy I have. After my appointment with the doctor I decided to stay and spend the weekend healing at my parent’s house where I could be pampered and spoiled with money and food. The only problem was that I didn’t have the power cord for my laptop and they have a decrepid old computer that can barely power itself up, let alone browse the Internet so I was stuck in a little cocoon isolated from the e-worlds I traverse in. I feel so disconnected right now. There are so many stupid posts I have to make equally stupid comments on.

I also missed mourning the loss of playwright Arthur Miller and wishing Sarah Weinman a Happy Birthday. That’s probably the only time those two will ever end up in the same sentence again.