I love it when I get a lot of work done with little effort. Last night it was getting on to be 10pm and I hadn’t done squat writing-wise. I was tempted to just let it go, but I’ve been digging this policy of trying to get at least a few words done each day because I always end up getting more done than I plan.

 So I set out to get 250 words done. That came and went easily enough in about five minutes so I decided to push through and go for 500. That took me about fifteen minutes and I was happy until I realized the next chapter I was going to start was the perfect place to drop a 1,000 word chunk from the last book that nicely illustrated some themes of the book and had some good dialogue. So after about half an hour I had over 1500 words and only had to put forth 500 words worth of effort.

In trying to describe why he kept subjecting himself to the horrors of golf, a friend of mine told me all it took was one good hit off the driver to get him hooked. He would spend the rest of his life trying to replicate the feeling of that perfect hit. I had one of those perfect hits last night.