Pets or food

Pets or Food was another title I toyed with briefly for this blog. It comes from Michael Moore’s documentary “Roger and Me” about my hometown of Flint, Michigan. In one scene Moore interviews a woman selling rabbits as pets or food. The scene became a local highlight and I thought it might be fun to reference Flint in my title. but really, people think I’m sick enough as it is, I don;t need to encourage it any more.

Now, onto the big news: I’m official a cabana boy! This has been a long time in the making and there are so many people to thank…

As for my new novel, well, I got about a page and a half done last night. I switched from Courier back to my favorite Times New Roman. The Courier just looks dumb to me and I think makes it easier to write crap. I think I’m going to have to ease myself back into long form writing and I’m pretty sure I’m going to have to throw out an opening or two before I get into the swing of things but I think I’m up to the task. It’s not like I have anything else more pressing going on. So the new page count I’ll be aiming for is 266 because TNR averages about 300 words a page. When I’m ready to send it out I’ll reformat it to Courier because I still think thats the preferred font of the industry and I’d rather send out a beefy 320 page manuscript anyway.

This will have to keep me busy so I don’t contstantly check my email while I wait to hear back about the short story I sent to The Mississippi Review or from the agent who’s reading my manuscript.