Permanent Resident of Funky Town

All right people, this is getting ridiculous. I’ve tried reading books, and I’ve cracked my reading funk, but I cannot get myself motivated to work on any one project. I’ve emailed friends a couple of times with exciting ideas that I think I’ve finally been able to crack open, but then they fail miserably right afterward. I’ve been writing, and I’ve been trying, so it’s not a matter of laziness, I just can’t get any of these projects to catch fire.

I know I need to just pick a project and stick with it until I burn the funk off, but part of the reason for the funk, I think, is that I don’t know what the best project is to be working on. Short stories or novels? Series novel or stand alone novel? I’ve eliminated plays from the mix and series short stories, so that’s something I guess. And I think I want to, and need to have a new book in the works. So it comes back to the same qustion I keep asking: Write the next book in the series, or write something new. Grrrrrrrr. You’ve all been great with the answers and explainations, and support. MOstly this is just me working out my thoughts in written format which works better for me than trying to manage all of this in my head and still try to answer customer calls at work.

Sigh…maybe I’ll just look for a nice house here in Funky Town and set up shop as a bum.