Paul and Alfred

Today was my first really productive day of the new year. Since the holidays I’ve had a ton of free time during the day with no job or anything so I figured I’d be able to work on the novel and a few short story projects. Instead I managed to spend 10 hours a day on the Internet getting nothing accomplished. I haven’t even been reading much. But today, today was good.

I mailed off my first submission of 2006 to Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine and that was cool because I think this is the best story I’ve written so far. All of my submissions from the Summer of the Short Story project were to online magazine, as were many of my other submissions last year. But this story, this needs a big market, a huge market. My two big goals this year are to get into AHMM or EQMM and to get in a print anthology. This story should be able to do the first for me.

The second goal of the day was met a little more difficulty.

A couple of weeks ago I started a story for Paul Guyot’s armored car/children’s clothing store contest. I had a great opening scene that I loved and then the story stalled because I didn’t know where to take it. I got one more scene squeezed out but that was it. I was trying to work on the novel and the story both during my free days and instead I blocked up on both of them. Well, it wasn;t really block, it was laziness at not wanting to write that much in one day and I didn’t think I could work on one and not the other. But I was really stuck with the story. I didn’t know how to link the two very odd elements of the contest. Not until this weekend when Toledo and I were talking and she came up with a great idea.

Well let’s back up a bit. My original idea was to just take the opening two scenes I had and post them to the blog so the jokes I had would be seen. Then Toledo wanted in and suggested I let her jump in and finish the story but she couldn’t work within the story I had already set up so she bailed on that idea. That’s when we started talking about how I could move forward with it. Shortly after the first good idea, she gave me another great idea for a little bit of color.

So that night we hit Borders and I knocked out another thousand or so words on the story and then couldnt get around to it again. I was being sucked in by my slow, but readily acessible Internet connection so after the post office I went to Starbucks and finished the rest of the story. As soon as I’m done with this post I’m going to do my 1K on the novel making this one of my most productive days ever. Or maybe I’ll go watch Kojack until Gilmore Girls is on.