Parent Traps

It’s been a while since I’ve talked about the kids, so how about some random thoughts from the fron tlines of parenting?

Holly is finally emerging as a little human person. She’s recognizing her name, and reacting to the world around her by smiling and sticking her tongue out and such. She’s had this horrible rash on her face and head since Christmas that gave her a rather reptilian appearance, which made it quite humorous when she would stick her little tongue out. After a number of doctor visits though, they’ve made some changes in Becky’s diet that seem to be making a big difference in Holly’s skin. It feels smooth, almost human like.

Spenser goes back and forth, hour-by-hour, between my absolute darling angel and a horrifying terror. He’s testing all of his boundaries (and apparently his own mortality) and if we relax for even a second around him we’ll find Holly or one of the animals sticking feet first from the refrigerator or cabinet. He’s getting where he won’t let us hold him as much and I never thought I’d love holding something so much. So I look forward to nighttime when he has his bottle and winds down and lets me hold him.

He’s obsessed with Elmo now and we have no idea where this came from. He never watched it, he never had any Elmo toys, and we never talked about it. But one day, we were watching the news and a commercial came on for Sesame Street Live and he pointed to Elmo and said, “Melmo.” We thought it was cute and of course went right out and fed his obsession with little dolls, a stuff Elmo he takes to bed with him and a new pair of Elmo shoes. I always thought it would be longer before I cracked and became an enabler.

Next week we’ll be going to Florida with the kids and some family members. I’m sort of excited, but also terrified. First there’s the flight. It’s a little over two hours and we’re flying early in the morning so I’m hoping Spenser sleeps and makes it easy for everyone. Holly should be good because Spenser flew a couple of times at that age and slept the whole time. But the other part that I’m very nervous about it the sleeping arrangements. We have a one bedroom condo and Spenser, Becky, Holly and I will be sharing the king size bed while the rest of the relatives sleep on the pullout bed in the living room. I don’t see this working out well. With all of us in bed together I think Spenser might get distracted and not want to go to sleep. Spenser and I shared a bed a couple months ago at a waterpark and that worked out fine, but Becky and Holly and were in a separate bed. My ideal situation would be for us to put him down in the bedroom in a crib by himself and once he was asleep, Becky, Holly, and I would sneak in and get in the bed. I think my biggest problem is that we had some bad luck the last two times we stayed in a hotel with Spenser because he was sick. I need my sleep and I’m not sure I can deal with a screaming kid all night for a week. Hopefully he’ll be so exhausted from the activities at the park that all of this won’t even be an issue.

I’ll try and post more about the kids instead of these info dump posts as long as I don’t start whining too much about how much trouble they are, or doting on them so much I become one of “those” parents.