Pancake Story Problems

We’ve been bad parents and unfortunately trained our kids to want pancakes from McDonalds every Saturday morning (even though it’s usually Sundays that we go) so when Spenser woke up this morning that’s what he was asking for.

I wanted to be a good parent so I decided to make pancakes which wasn’t really all that bad. I’ve made them once before and they turned out fine so I figured I could do it again. Unfortunately we haven’t gone grocery shopping yet (and I say we but I really mean Becky because she won’t let me go grocery shopping by myself because I take too long. To my credit, I come home with far less extra items not on the list than she does) we didn’t have the exact amounts of everything I needed. This involve doing quite a bit of math which sucks on a Saturday morning.

Also, we didn’t have any vegetable oil so I took to the Internet to see if I could substitute olive oil instead. That seemed to be a bad idea because even though it would technically work, many people noted it flavored the pancakes in a funky way. I don’t like funky pancakes. So I tried a different suggestion which was to use melted butter. That worked well and I’m always looking for more ways to add butter to my food.

The pancakes turned out great and we added a nice batch of microwaved sausage to cap it off. I thought about taking a picture but the kids were screaming for their food and the cat looked ready to pounce on them the minute my back was turned so I’ll let you use your imagination.

Anybody else doing math on a Saturday?