Paging Dr. Feel Good

Ugh. Sure the tempratures outside feel like July but my chest and nose and head all feel like it’s January. I don’t know if I had bronchitis or if I swallowed a really big mosquito. Anyway.

Last night I was feeling my worst and kept nodding off while watching the kids and baseball. Becky went to the gym for a little bit and in a just a few minutes of that time the kids got into our bedroom and got into the skin cream and Vaseline we keep for Holly’s dry skin. They didn’t any of it they just smeared it all over themselves and their clothes. There is nothing worse to try and scrub out of kids than Vaseline. Even this morning Holly’s hair was still slimy and the bottom of the bathtub felt squishy when I took my shower. So in addition to locking the bathroom door we’ll have to start locking our bedroom door when they play in the back of the house.

They also destroyed the living room with their toys and books. It was kind of eye opening to see what they are capable of when we aren’t on top of them every single second which we aren’t always aware of. SO it was good in that respect I guess. Perspective and all that. I really do try to let them run as free as they want to, but sometimes they get out of control. I really do want to write a longer post some time about the free range parenting movement and my facination with it and I’m reminded again of it as this article from Time about the backlash against over parenting makes the social media rounds again. I think it’s funny that as the economy crashes and people are spending more time with their kids and don’t have the money for expensive activities suddenly everyone is realizing  how great free play and freedom is for kids. It’s like this one women I read who says she overparented her first kid but by the fifth she was ready to let them raise themselves.

Those are your thoughts for a Wednesday. Anyone else feeling crappy in this weather?