Pages Read Not Books Read in 2020

Instead of setting my reading goal this year for 52 books as I always seem to do, I’m changing it up and aiming for 50 pages a day. This is enough to keep my social media obsession in check while also factoring in long books, short stories, and abandoned books.

I have The Brothers Karamazov up now and Don Quixote in the pipeline. I also want to read the collected Dorthy Parker. But it also helps with shorter things like stories, plays, and novellas that I always felt weird counting as books read.

I still see audio books being a growing segment of my reading, but that’s almost all non-fiction these days and it always felt like cheating to me including audio books in my 52 book goal because it let me off the hook w/ still wasting a bunch of time on social media.

And yes, god help me, I’m crediting Laura Lippman again for something good in my life, but this is an outgrowth of her 100 pages a day challenge over Lent to replace toxic activities in our lives with reading. 100 pages a day isn’t sustainable all year for me, but 50 is.