Out of Promo Mode, Back Into Writing Mode

As we approach the two month anniversary of MURDER BOY being released upon the world, and my blog tour is behind me and only a few scattered events ahead of me, it’s time to take off the promotion costume and put it away until next year when we’ll get it out again for RIOT LOAD.

Now we transition into the phase where I actually finish writing RIOT LOAD because it’s hard to promote a book that isn’t written, or so I’ve heard. I learned quite a bit during this last two months and have some ideas about what I will and won’t do next time around such as:

  • More guest posts, wider variety of guest posts, more complex guest posts – I really think this is a strong suit of mine and I’d like to really ramp up those efforts next time. Instead of writing them all though the day before they’re due, I want to write the biggest and most complex ones in advance.
  • Limited bookstore events – These were fun and I was very lucky to be able to sign at some cool stores, but I don’t see expanding beyond the stores I’ve already visited
  • More conferences and festivals
  • More website exclusives such as short stories or deleted chapters or maybe even a novella! – I want to have these up and running to really push pre-orders for RIOT LOAD next time out.
  • More advance planning on my end for promotion- with the tour sort of kicking off a month before the book came out we were rushed on a lot of stuff and there was never really an official start point to rally all of the promo efforts around and I was kind of knocked senseless by how cool everything was and didn’t look around me much until it was too late a few times. That shouldn’t be the case with the next one.

But again, I can’t focus too much on this, I need to get this book finished because the single best promotional item for an author is another great book in a timely manner.