Other Writing

Short Stories

“Howard’s Heart”
Mystery Writers of America Presents: When a Stranger Comes to Town, edited by Michael Koryta, Hanover Square Press, 2021

Murder-A-Go-Gos: Crime Fiction Inspired by The Go-Gos, edited by Holly West, Down and Out Books, 2019

“The Nicest Guy in Town”
Killing Malmon, edited by Dan and Kate Malmon, Down and Out Books, 2017.

“The Body Electric”
Dead Ends: Stories from the Gothic South, edited by JT Ellison, Two Tales Press, 2017

“Hungry Samurai”
Kung Fu Factory (A Crime Factory Special Edition), 2011

“Super People of Megamart”
Discount Noir edited by Patti Abbott and Steve Weddle, Untreed Reeds, 2010

“Cinnamon’s Last Dance”
Terminal Damage, edited by Steve Weddle, Needle Publishing, 2010

“The Loosest Sl ts In All of Vegas”
Plots with Guns, 2010.

“Word Games”
Uncage Me, edited by Jennifer Jordan, Bleak House Books, 2009

“The Hemingway Stripper”
Plots with Guns,  2008

“Alter Road”
Thuglit, 2007

“Cadaver Dog”Hardluck Stories, 2007 (Reprinted in The Year’s Finest Crime and Mystery Stories, edited by Ed Gorman and Martin H. Greenberg, Pegasus Books, 2008)

“Ruins of Detroit”
The Back Alley Webzine, 2007

“Donkey Show”
Thuglit, 2007

Murder Boy
Thuglit, 2006. (Reprinted in Hardcore Hardboiled, edited by Todd Robinson, Kensington Books, 2008)

“Mr. Saturday Night Special”
Crime Scene Scotland,  2006

Crimespree, 2006

“Breakfast Anytime”
Shots Magazine,  2005

“Angel Eyes”
Detective Mystery Stories,  2003


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The Story Behind the Story: Murder Boy (The Rap Sheet)

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Challenging Myself to Write Strong Female Characters (Shelf Pleasure)

The Big Idea: When Dreams Come True Too Early (John Scalzi’s Whatever)