Opening Day…Of My Brand New Website

Today is the Tigers home opener and in honor of the true start of spring (and to kick off the official promotional season for Riot Load) I present to you my newly revamped website. All of the content you know and love is still here, just better organized and better optimized for mobile. But I also have LOTS of new content. The pages for Murder Boy and Riot Load have been updated plus I added a page for Trigger Switch, the book coming out in 2017 that I just signed a contract for. Keep your eye on that page for some cool stuff in the near future.

The cornerstone of the new content though is two long-lost short stories that relate, loosely, to my two current novels. Murder Boy is based quite substantially on a short story that appeared in Thuglit back in 2006 and Riot Load is based, much more loosely, on a story I wrote called Load that was published in Crimespree Magazine way back in 2005. As a reader and fan I always like reading this kind of stuff from my favorite authors so I thought it would be cool to post here. I’m also in the process of collecting all of the rest of my limited short story output into a collection as a freebie to give away as we get closer to Riot Load‘s June release date. More on that to come.

And that brings me to my next update. I’ve finally gone all-in and created a newsletter. If you want to keep up on all of the updates and make sure you get in on the best freebies and deals without having to check in here every day, you can sign up for my low volume newsletter and let the info and freebies come to you. Related to this, I’ve closed down my author page on Facebook and will be focusing my efforts more on curating my newsletter list and providing a quality email experience for those who just want updates on book related stuff and not my parenting rants about homework and recess.

Finally, I’ve updated my editing services page and tried to make it a cornerstone of my web presence here. I’ve added more testimonials and updated my recent projects list with better covers and links to Amazon so potential clients can get a good idea of the range of my experience and background.