Opening A Box Full Of My Dreams (And Styrofoam)

My niece is over tonight so she wanted to get in the photo. I also had Becky take a video of me opening the box that truly is humbling and takes the focus off of me. It’s not often you get to open a box full of your life long dream come to life. I suspect I’ll have more to say later, but there are a LOT of kids in this house right now and it’s hard to focus. Also, I’m in squee mode still and it’s dinner time. If the video doesn’t show up it’s because it’s still processing the edits to adjust the orientation. Check back soon. It’s worth it.

So thanks to Jason and everyone at Polis for making this happen and thanks to everyone out there who has already pre-ordered the book.

There’s still time to get in on pre-ordering a copy if you want one of these bad boys for yourself.

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