OMG, I Killed Malmon

After not writing a single short story for almost nine years, I’ve written two this year and it feels great. This one felt particularly good because I hit the deadline on it. I’ve felt very out of sorts professionally and feel like I’ve been behind on everything, but this deadline I hit and I love the story.

The other story I wrote this year was a dark and creepy Gothic story that took a lot out of me, this one though was for a fun anthology and I really laid into all of the fun aspects of the story. I won’t get into specifics on the story, but it involves two Dan Malmon’s, a reformed porn movie king, and a faulty minivan. Here’s more about the anthology from the editors themselves:

Fade in to an old English library. Dan is sitting in an overstuffed club chair and has a pipe stuck in his mouth. Kate is standing behind the chair, giving Dan the side-eye. As always, she looks like a redheaded Jane Mansfield.

Dan speaks, “Hi, folks. Welcome to the KILLING MALMON anthology. We are glad that you’re here. You may be asking “What’s this all about, and how did it come to be?” Well, here it is. The KILLING MALMON Secret Origin.

“In 2014, Crimespree Magazine held an internet-based flash fiction contest. The rules were simple: somewhere in the story you had to ‘Kill Dan Malmon’. That was it. The story had to brief, inventive, and somewhere, Malmon (that’s me) had to die. Why was the crux of the contest to kill a character with my name? I don’t know. It’s just the effect I have on people, I guess.

“Now, thanks to Down and Out Books, those original stories, as well as a slew of new works, are being collected into one volume with all proceeds going to the MS Society. If I have to meet my end in a multitude of grisly ways, it may as well benefit a cause we both feel strongly about.

“We hope you all enjoy these stories! Some are funny, some are heartwarming. Some are suspenseful, some are scary. But they all have one thing in common: they are all KILLING MALMON.”

Kate smiles and walks over to a complicated rope-and-pully system that is holding a giant anvil suspended over Dan’s chair. She slides a dagger from the garter belt on her shapely thigh and begins to saw through the rope. With a smile, she turns to you, the reader, and speaks, “This book is called KILLING MALMON.

“I’ll start.”

The rest of the details about the anthology and a full list of contributors can be found at Crimespree Magazine.

And don’t fret about this renewed interest in short stories killing my novel writing. I’m still hacking away at Trigger Switch and hope to have more news about that book later this summer.