Old Lang Write

I got an email yesterday from Paul Guyot and he was talking about his work output of the last year. This got me thinking about my own writing output from last year so I went back through my records (thank you GMail) and came up with a list of what I wrote in 2008 and I gotta say I’m quite happy with it.

-40,000 or so words on the third draft of a novel I ultimately abandoned

-Ten pages of a screenplay adaptation of my Thuglit story

-Two drafts of a The Hemingway Stripper

– Two drafts of a story for Jen Jordan’s anthology

-The opening page of another short story

-Two and a half drafts of my current novel

This is in a year where I didn’t expect to write much. The year started with an ugly case of the writing blues where I didn’t write much and hated everything I did manage to write. I think I was finally able to get over that hump toward the end of February when I came back from my honeymoon and had a good start on The Hemingway Stripper short story and a screenplay. I fiddled around with both of them over the next couple of months until May when I started chipping away at a new book.

I then expected to see a substantial drop-off in my output after Spenser was born, but that never happened and I managed to finish the book I was working on and get a good ways into another one before starting revisions. I also wrote another short story that was ultimately picked up for Jen Jordan’s UNCAGED anthology.

So looking back is all well and good, but this is a new year so what do I see for myself writing-wise in 2009? Hopefully I’ll get the book I’m working on now nice and polished and on submission to agents, then I’d also like to finish the novel version of my Thuglit story MURDER BOY and the screenplay version of that story as well. I also have at least one short story I want to finish and a couple more kernels of ideas.

And what about you? How did your writing go last year?