Old and Excited in Downtown Detroit

I’m downtown Detroit yesterday and today for a digital marketing conference for my day job and it’s been cool. Detroit has really changed a lot from when Becky and I used to come down here around 2007 or so. Every time I walk these streets I want to write a PI series set here, but sadly I’m about two decades too late. I do have lots of standalone ideas, but they’re mostly about the outlying areas and the suburbs.

Being down here for a digital marketing conference is exciting because it makes me realize I’m part of an exciting and vibrant field. I always had side dreams of going into advertising if I had made some different choices when I was younger, and this is as close to that field as I think I’ll come and I’m okay with that. It’s far more stable for one thing. In addition to feeling excited, I also feel very old. Day-today, most of the people I interact with have been IT or IT adjacent and compared to that field I’m youthful, but in the digital marketing sphere I’m an old man. It makes me think that I should be further along in my career than I am at this point in my life, but I made the decision early on that I valued flexibility in my career more than money or prestige and that means feeling twinges of regret once in a while at things like this when I wonder if I could be in a more senior role with better money if I’d done thing differently. But I love my current job, so it’s worked out well for all involved, I think.

If I can get the novel career back on track, a lot of these thoughts will be moot because the sacrifices I’ve made in my day job will seem more prudent. I’m happy to be at a place right now where I can prioritize my writing over my editing career. I am very happy not to have a career in publishing anymore and don’t see myself ever having one again.