Oh yeah, that’s coming up isn’t it?

I’m getting married this weekend and it looks like it’s supposed to snow. Who cares. The next day Becky and I will be leaving for Orlando for a week and a couple of days. We’re driving and it should be fun. I love road trips. The highway sites, the all-night diners, the truck stops, and the feeling of the open road. While I’m excited about the wedding and the following party, this trip couldn’t come at a better time.

After some evaluation and deep breaths, I was able to come down from the ledge with LUCKY TOWN. I pulled out some plot threads that were jacking the story about, and moved a few things around, and I’m only down to 63k from a high of 66k. I’m in the process of outlining what I have and what changes I’ve made and then I’m going to have to do some serious thinking. I’ll be taking my notebook and some pens with me to sketch out my thoughts and whatnot, but mostly I’ll just be trying to get some distance and perspective on this blasted book.