Oh, They Mean *Earth* Days

Obviously WordPress and I have differing ideas of what constitutes a post a day. But even though I haven’t kept up the pace in technicality as far as my little postaday banner over there goes, in spirit it has done as it was intended which is get me over the routine and petty BS that blocks regular and engaging blogging. It’s also introduced my blog to a heap of new readers through the postaday tag which has been great for me as well. Whether the blogging world is better for it certainly remains to be seen.

I’ve been following with great interest the events at BEA through Twitter and Facebook. I strongly recommend reading Jennifer Weiner’s keynote address for the Book Bloggers Conference which is a great call to arms and charge for book bloggers. I suspect she’s become a little too fond of her identity as instigator for women’s coverage of literary issues, but she’s still a witty writer who is one of the highlights of my social media streams.

Sometimes I feel like I’m in a vaccum here between blogging styles. I’m no longer content to just blog for myself, I crave a bigger stage and to be a bigger part of the conversation of blogging, but I think that will come later with more success as a writer. And speaking of success, reading coverage of BEA and working on my Secret Project have made me realize how much I still value my original publishing dream. We may be in a new world where writers can self publish and have control and make great money, but I didn’t get into this just for money and for control. I want the Official Publishing Dream.

I want The Call from a publisher. I want dinner with my agent and my editor in New York City. I want to sign books at book stores and go to BEA as an author. The industry may be changing but those traditional opportunities are still there and until they are all gone that’s what I’m aiming for. I think it’s disingenuous of some writers who promote their way as the only way for new writers when they themselves have already had the chance to live the traditional publishing dream (despite how it might have worked out in the end) or, if they started in self publishing, made the move to a traditional publisher when offered.

Now I’ve got to get back to work because the traditional dream and self publishing dream both require a finished high-quality novel.