Oh, Right, I Have My Own Novel Coming Out Soon


I spent my lunch break today in a seedy Indian diner while it was raining outside. It was a very noir scene, which was helpful considering I was writing some crime fiction as well. I’m working on the next book on my contract and it dawned on me after lunch that I actually forget sometimes that I have a book of my own coming out soon. This is kind of awesome.

Because of the slow speed of publishing, it’s easy for an author, especially one as obsessive as myself, to focus on the minutia of the publishing process and freak out over everything and get really, really impatient. But aside from a few rookie chump moves I made that Jason gently discouraged me from repeating, I’ve focused on writing the new book and forgetting about the current book. A big part of this as well has been having the bulk of my attention focused on getting my Exhibit A list up and running as well as keeping the existing list running smoothly. It’s been a really enjoyable experience but it’s very consuming time-wise and mentally which hasn’t left me much energy for freaking out over my own book.

I’m sure as we get closer to release and things like the cover and the galleys start becoming a reality I’ll get more and more freaked out (good and bad), but for now I’m quite happy to focus on the next book (as well as working out the kinks and polishing what I hope will be Book Three) and let my capable editor and publisher freak out over the details.