Oh Hello, I Didn’t See You There

Been a few days, but I’ve been up and down in the feeling like crap department and my focus has been on other work that will hopefully bear fruitful results. This fall I’m either going to be very giddy if a few things fall right or I’m going to be oh so very depressed.

Yesterday I took the kids downtown Ann Arbor while Becky was at work to pick up some stuff for a race she is running today. While there we went to BDs Mongolian BBQ which has turned into one of our favorite places to eat with the kids. We can usually get our food quickly before their 45 minutes of restaurant attention span is gone, and Holly eat free and Spenser eats for $6. It was funny while I was there how many people remarked about me being super dad for taking two kids out on my own. I tried to make my wedding ring as visible as possible they didn’t think I was widower or weekend dad.

What people don’t know is that it’s easier for us to take the kids out on our own than as a whole family. With one parent Spenser and Holly are great, for some reason though with both of us with them they turn into Kid Hulk and Tantrum Girl. It goes that way at home for bed time too. One parent = easy bedtime Two Parents = *BOOM*

We also went to Aunt Agatha’s and looked around. Robin and Jamie have toys there for kids to play with so Spenser and Holly were able to continue their assault on traditional gender stereotypes with Holly playing with the Batcave and Spenser playing with the rainbow ponies. I also picked up used trade paperbacks of The Killer Inside Me and Megan Abbott’s The Song Is You, two books I’m ashamed to admit I haven’t read yet.

Today we’re making chicken kababs on the grill, I’m going to get a hair cut, then I’m going to spend a large chunk of time working on my secret project. How about you?