Of Note

-Becky and I went to the the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2 last night and I’m sure people were thinking she dragged me when it was really the other way around.


-Got to hang out with Michael Koryta Friday night while he was in town for a book signing. That’s a great kid with a great future. Despite blurbing Dave’s book.


-Realized I’ve only been working on my latest book for two and a half months instead of four. That makes my progress seem much cooler.


-The Lions are 2-0. Sure it’s only preseason but we’ll take what we can get. I LOVE watching Calvin Johnson play football.


-I caught up on submissions and other assorted work for DEMOLITION. Will start the Summer issue this week. I can’t believe this January will be three years I’ve been running DEMOLITION. I’m going to make some cool flyers for the zine to pass out at Bouchercon and hopefully raise the profile a little more.


-Got my panel assignment for Bouchercon in October. I’ll be talking on Thursday morning about ezines and whether they are the new anthologies. Moderator is Sean Doolittle, one of my favorite authors, and one of my panelists is Rick Helms, editor of The Back Alley Webzine and the man who gave me my first check for original fiction.


-Realized I’m even worse now on Super Mario Brothers 3 than I was back when it first came out. Becky is a freakish Mario savant who had too much time on her hands as a child


-Went to see my aunt and uncle in Jackson yesterday. My uncle is the one who gave me all of the most inflectional books on my writing along with my first typewriter and a whole lot of support