Of Galleys and Antibiotics

On Monday this week I dressed with excited precision. I had a new shirt and new gray dress pants I was eager to debut at a department meeting. I felt woozy when I woke up, but assumed that was because I had to wake up so stinking early for the meeting. I made it about halfway to work before I threw up on the side of the road and had to come home. That set off a week of vomiting and fevers and aches and misery that lasted well into yesterday evening. But today I felt better and this miserable week was capped off by something very cool: receiving my first galleys in the mail.

Due to the absolute stroke of amazing luck last year to sign at Murder by the Book and The Poisoned Pen, we pushed up publication of Murder Boy by a month and lost out on the opportunity to do galleys and get pre-publication reviews. But this time out I get to experience one more piece of Jason’s finely-tuned publishing machine. These galleys are sharp looking and everything I could hope for. In a time when many publishers have shifted away from print galleys, I’m glad Jason still sees their usefulness. They’re a nice addition to my vanity bookshelf as well.

I only have a few of these* and I know a bunch of people are going to want a copy, so I’m ripping off one of Rob Hart’s few good ideas: the ARC lending library. What I’ll do is take the first ten names of folks who email me at bryon@bryonquertermous.com and put them on a list. I’ll send the book off to the first person on the list and when they’re done reading it they’ll send it on to the next person and so on until it end up back to me. All I ask in return is that each person scribble a note in the book and leave an honest review somewhere.

So get to emailing me. This baby is itching to fly.

*For reviewers and others looking for print or digital galleys you can find more info here.