Obligatory I’m Too Busy To Post Post

I just want to get something up here before it gets too late. Had a nice day today work-wise and the kids weren’t too much of a handful. I’m watching preseason football and Finishing up the edits on a cool manuscript that reminds a lot of James Hynes.

While we were at McDonalds today for lunch a little girl peed on the playscape and they had to shut it down. That made me think about how far my kids have come with potty training. Spenser took to it quite early during the day but has had trouble with the nighttime until this week when it all seemed to click for him. And it took Holly longer than we expected and, for a while we wondered if she would ever befit, us then it clicked with her and suddenly she was further ahead than Spenser. But now they’re both at the same spot, which is cool, and hopefully were done now with PullUps before Kindergarten starts next week.

I wouldn’t expect much here tomorrow either. I’ve for more editing work and Becky has the day off so we’re doing some back to school shopping with the kids. And the. Saturday I’m going to the opening game for the UM football season. So expect pictures but not much else. Hopefully next week we’ll get to a regular schedule with some more meat.