Now where was I…

Working on: “Lunchbox Hero”

Word Count: 65,000

Currently Reading: Eight Million Ways to Die by Lawrence Block

On Deck: The Backdoor Man by Rob Kantner

On the stereo: NPR Classical

After falling off the face of the planet near the beginning of the week, I think I’m finally ready to emerge into the real world again. I hate the weather in this vile state. So. Freaking. Cold. And my apartment is a breeding ground for several various forms of infectious diseases so my body provides a nice mating spot for them. It probably didn’t help that I stayed up waaay too late Monday night finishing my own blog story which ultimately ended in a rule breaking hallucinatory tale that received mixed reviews. Screw you, everyone of you.

Now I’m back about the work I think I’m better at, revising my first novel. After three years I’m a professional with this manuscript. After admitting to myself my faked death ending bit the big monkey butt, I read through the manuscript and was pleasantly surprised by how well most of the book reads. There was one scene in the opening chapter that has bugged me for a while, but I finally figured out how to fix it and that made me happy. Now I’m going to develop a plot strand that was left hanging in the last draft and I’m sure the true ending to the novel lies along this path. Once I get it all ended right then it’s off to my happy list of agents. Then I’ll finish writing the next book in the series (9K words and counting). After I finish the first draft of that book I’ve got some short stories I’d like to write while I let it marinate. I’m also considering writing a screenplay adaptaion of the first book to meet some summer fellowship deadlines.

Also, I’m late in the note here but I wanted to personally thank all of the writers who took an idea Dave and I had and made it into something special. After reading the first batch of stories, I had a pang of guilt. I felt bad for having these folks waste these great stories on a little experiment, but I gave them plenty of chances to opt out and write trash but the sorry lot of ’em couldn’t give anything other than their best.


Dave and I will be doing more with the stories, putting them into some sort of anthology format so keep following us around wherever we go and you’ll be the first to know. I’m also sure there will be another blog experiment in the near future. If you’re interested in participating email Dave or me. We’ll gleefully mock you and then probably let you play anyway. Also, thanks to everyone who took the time to read and comment on the stories across various blogs. That’s time you’ll never get back.