Novel Bowl

Since this is still bowl season (they have bowl games the entire friggin month of January now, don’t they? I mean even Rutgers went to one) and by turn the season for upsets and trick plays, I just wanted to let you all know about a stunning comeback in the Novel Bowl between myself and Mr. White.

When last we checked in, I was stuck on a play and Dave had a 15k word lead on me heading across the 40k mark on his book. It looked bleak for our team and brought out the gloating in many spectators. But much like a nerd on prom night, the nay sayers were premature. Because not only did I finish the play, in a phenomenal three day period I was able to narrow that gap substantially while Dave frolicked around in the city. My current word count is 38,038 and I will surely cross my own 40k mark today. It’s gotten so bad Dave had to take the day off of work to get himself back on track.

This is the power of the Q, people.