Notes on My Location and Things to Come

We chatted about the pictures not appearing with every post, right? Well in addition to my cyclical lack of focus to this site, I will be spending the next 30 days working on a HUGE super secret project that is really kind of boom or bust for me. As such, my focus here will be even more limited than usual. I don’t want to disappear from here, I really do like what I’ve been building, but I think I’m going to give shorter posts a try. That will actually take more work than writing longer posts because once I get burning, well, that’s for a longer post.

Now as for my location, I’m giving some place new a try. I do the bulk of my writing at home either on the couch with my laptop or in the den on our ancient desk top. But once or twice a week I get the opportunity to leave the house for a few hours where I can really dig in and get some hardcore work done. My favorite spot for this is the Starbucks right around the corner, but their hours suck. I can’t usually get out of the house until 9:30 or 10pm and since they close at 11, that really doesn’t do much for me. My second choice lately has been Zack’s all night diner in Plymouth, but that can get expensive after a while. At Starbucks I had the option of buying something or not if the finances weren’t there. But at Zack’s I had to buy something every time and I feel bad wasting a booth for just a soda or a coffee. So then today I’m reading Brad Parks’ new book and in his dedication he thanks the local Hardees where he wrote most of the book. That got me thinking about the McDonalds down the road from me. They’ve recently converted to one of those McCafe’s with the comfy seats and wood paneling to make it look more like a coffee shop. They’re also open 24 hours. They’re also cheap. I can buy a large soda for $1 and not feel like I’m putting anybody out. I’m torn about the easy access to wireless because it makes it easy to post stuff like this and access my files I’ve saved online, but it also makes it way to easy to hop down rabbit holes when I’m working on scenes I may be having difficulty with. So tonight, I’m Loving It. We’ll see how I feel a couple of hours from now after maybe I can switch to a more comfortable booth.

Anybody else out there write at fast food joints?