Noir At The Bar And Such

I’m talking a bit about Noir at the Bar in a broader sense over the Exhibit A blog today, but I wanted to comment here more specifically on the reading part.  This was the first live reading I’ve ever done of my work and it was a very cool experience. I’ve always love being the center of attention (shocking, I know) and being in front of a crowd. One of my dream careers has always been to be a stand-up comedian, and these types of readings are as close as I’m going to get to that experience.

I read the first chapter of Murder Boy and I think it got a good reaction. I also talked a little bit about how I came to write it and how important the online crime fiction community was to broadening my reading and writing beyond just PI fiction. There are numerous pictures on Facebook and Twitter of the event if you care to look for them, but I won’t post them here because I hate how I look when I’m talking. Or standing. Or sitting. Etc.

It was fun to see Jason in person for the first time since I signed my deal. We have some fun talks over drinks and we’ll be talking some more while I’m here. He has some very cool ideas on how to promote ebooks and I’m looking forward to working with him. Now I’m just waiting in my room doing some of my own writing until it’s time to meet up with Marc and Mike for a plotty-scheming dinner.