Nice weekend, hun

I had a great weekend. It was refreshing, inspiring, and encouraging. I’d love to just give a point-by-point rundown of everything that happened but I suspect that would get boring pretty quickly so here are the basics:

Love Baltimore. If I wasn’t married I’d probably drop everything and move there at the first opportunity.

Got to see Laura read at the Pratt Free Library. She was good, but in general I hate it when authors read a lot from their work. The panel picked up and was very entertaining when they started answering questions from the moderator and the audience.

Ate at Hooters and Hard Rock Café. Inner Harbor not as cheesy and touristy as I would have imagined.

Got to hang with Dave White. He like Becky. Becky likes him. But not in that way. Yay.

Got a little bit of writing done.

Camden Yards is cool but I have no business wearing baseball hats anymore. Dave got a seat in a different section but we were able to sit together easily enough. It didn’t rain until the seventh inning Yay.

Laura Lippman and her family are the coolest people ever.