Newsletter Update

I buried the lead in my last post so for those who missed it: I finally started a newsletter.

People have been telling me for years now that I need to do a newsletter, or, at minimum, begin collecting an email list. They all raised very good points but I never followed through with it. I’m not really a newsletter fan and I thought my own website along with my social media presence was my best marketing asset. I’m also lazy and the thought of one more thing to manage made me sick.

But the good points kept sticking in my mind and as I approach the release of Riot Load in two months I figured now was a good time to start.

I originally went with MailChimp because it’s the one I’d heard the most about. I liked it enough but it seemed a bit overwhelming as I tried to create templates and all of that nonsense. And then I saw cool stuff that other folks were doing with auto-responders and giveaways and I freaked out some more at the effort and at the price.

So I sat back and really thought about what I wanted my newsletter to accomplish. I want the best info from my website and from my social media posts sent to the inboxes of those who may not always (or ever) be on social media so they can support me. And MailChimp wasn’t meeting that need. This is when I looked around at who was doing newsletters I liked and seemed to have the same goals like Sarah Weinman, Alex Segura, and Gwenda Bond and it looked like almost all of them were using Tiny Letter.

I signed up, imported my email list and within a half hour had sent out my first newsletter. That’s when I knew I had found the right platform because if I was still with MailChimp I’d still be trying to figure out all of the bells and whistles. Once I was rolling with Tiny Letter, it all made sense. I finally saw that this newsletter can be complimentary and co-exist with the website and blog. It will get some of the same content but also some different content geared specifically toward these users. Much like my Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts work together.

Now I just need to keep building the list without sounding like a beggar. Anyone have newsletter war stories or tips?