New Shirts, New Shoes, No Progress

I ran at the gym for the first time in a while and it was a good run. There’s a window I run by every lap on the track and that was depressing. It’s been almost seven months now since I joined this gym and I have new shirts, new shorts, new socks, and new shoes, but I’m heavier than I was when I started and I’ve never made it past the second week of the 5k training app I use. If it wasn’t already clear to me, this is going to take more than just a few minor tweaks to get to a healthy weight. In addition to sticking to regular exercise, I need to really get my eating under control. I don’t need to do a crazy diet, but I do need to eat less and eat better.

In better news, the one thing I have stuck with since I joined the gym is volleyball. I’m better than when I started, and now I’m good enough to know where I’m bad and now I need to start practicing in those areas to get better.