Never Been Happier To See A Monday

Holy crap was that vacation exhausting. I think 8 days was about 3 days too many. By the time we got home Saturday we were all exhausted and crabby and sore and sunburned and tired. There were some fun parts of the trip I’m sure I’ll remember long after the bad memories fade, but for right now I’m happy to be back at my desk, back on schedule and out of the Florida-in-July weather.

I read a lot on by the pool and on the plane, which was nice, but only one of the books I read was fiction.  That was Frank Wheeler’s newest book The Good Life (coming in August from New Pulp Press). The others were books about writers and Saturday Night Live and the Spiderman Musical. I seem to be reading non-fiction SO much faster than fiction have have read most of these books in a day or two. Next up are more author biographies and then I suspect I’ll be get my itch for fiction back. Maybe.

For now I have to catch up on emails and phone calls and editorial work and it feels good to be busy doing the work I love.

If you missed any of the photos on Facebook, you can find them in my Flickr album here.