Nano Nano Poo Poo

October was mostly an ugly month writing-wise. Between September 27 and October 16 I wrote a sad little 1900 words. And then between October 16 and October 24 I tacked on a death-defying 1500 words. That’s an average of about 113 words over the month and frankly unacceptable.

But there was a revival. There were angels and trumpets and a bright light and possibly a Ben Affleck movie. In the last six days I’ve burned through 9,000 words and have a renewed energy about the project. I’m on pace to cross the 40,000 word halfway mark by the end of the week and certainly reach my goal of a complete draft by the end of the year. Things are different now, though. I’m feeling eager and ready for a challenge. The end of the year is not good enough. I want to get this beast done by the end of November. And wouldn’t you know there’s a little project that just so happens to encourage this sort of fast-paced, slam-bang writing.

That’s right, I’m jumping on board the National Novel Writing Month train. Inspired by Joe Konrath’s recent post detailing his plans for NaNoWrMo domination, I’ve decided to push myself and tack some accountability to the board. So no excuses, no sick days, no crap, just 50,000 words in the next month (or sooner) to finish LUCKY TOWN.